Friday, July 09, 2004

The aimless life of an IT pro....

I am sitting on my chair and staring at my screen,
I see lines and lines of C++ - what a horrible scene!!
I try to make sense of these lines we call code -
But actually, it's easier to talk to a toad!!
A toad or some code - what a difficult choice...
But at least a toad has nice croaking voice!
A toad may be slimy and ugly and yuck!!
But at least it has life - not like some SQL muck!
With code u just write and build and debug,
But if ur succesful, can the code give u a hug???
It really does not matter what u do in IT
Life's all the same - be u a he or a she...
U can write code that equates 3=7
Or be a great Tester 'till u go to heaven
Or fix all the PCs like a good sys admin
And earn a fat salary - and drink wine and gin!
But the fact of the matter - and my point being this
Life in IT - please give it a miss!!
Becoz if ur in IT - u won't have a life...
Although there are guys I see having a wife.
Anyways - like I said - u can think that ur cool,
That u are in IT - but ur an actual fool!
The reason ur here is just for the cash
U will not become Bill Gates and cause a huge splash
All these creative juices - oh please what bullshit!!
One look at code and I have a huge fit.
I'm writing a query - am I being creative?
No not really - what I need is a sedative!!!

It's all for the money and labels and tags
That we IT guys work like old hags.
Marketing, finance are just but a few,
Careers that any body with zing should pursue
At least u'll come home at the end of the day,
Not looking like a zombie with nothing to say
'Cause if ur in IT, u'll just debug and u'll code
It's like walking down a never-ending red road!!
This IT life - so mundane and so gross....
Hell I think that it's time I just gave it a toss!!
I wanna be creative - and not code like a dog,
So here's what I'll do - let me write a new BLOG!!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Curse Of The IT Industry In India Part-I

I know a lot of people disagree with me - but is writing a program really considered to be creative work? Coding using some weird syntax, pounding away furiously on your keyboard trying to define some kind of logic which would make 3=99...... call me computer illiterate, but this to me is not creativity. And people who manage to sit in front of their PC 24X7 totally groggy-eyed, trying to write a line of code which automates my toaster... Whew, well that indeed boggles the mind!

I'm sitting in my cozy cubicle - and I'm looking around. At my surroundings, I mean (not at the pretty girl who also seems to be more interested in her monitor rather than my latest hairstyle). Anyway, it's a typical IT office - and I mean typical - the only thing u can see are heads - heads with black hair, heads with brown hair.. a few bald heads too. And these heads are all staring at one thing - their PCs. A closer look reveals that each of these PCs has got some weird Hebrew on their screen. So in a nutshell, 50 odd employees are trying to be creative. Kinda a scary to lok at if u think about it - reminds me everyday how we're turning more into robots and forgetting that we have a human side. (I wonder if these guys even bother to go to the bathroom if there is an emergency - they seem so engrossed! Oh well, that's another story)

Now, we all talk about burn-out and depression due to work.... blah blah blah. Well, what is the single best remedy for this? Yup - do something creative, spend time doing something which freshens up ur grey cells. Well bully me, but if we IT guys are soo busy being creative (and getting paid wads and wads of dough for it) and trying to make this world a better place to live in, then why these problems in the first place?? I leave that as an open-ended question - becoz obviously I am not a prophet with all the answers. Hell, I'm a nerd as well - but I am trying, oh so trying to change!

Well this is nothing but an on-the-spot insane post by me - so before I lose my train of thought - let me invite all u nerds busy writing lines of code, to BLOG a few lines instead. Because, believe me, I don't require my toothbrush to be programmed to regenerate it's bristles. I'd rather go out and buy a new toothbrush instead. And I think u'll feel a lot better doing something really creative!!!