Friday, July 09, 2004

The aimless life of an IT pro....

I am sitting on my chair and staring at my screen,
I see lines and lines of C++ - what a horrible scene!!
I try to make sense of these lines we call code -
But actually, it's easier to talk to a toad!!
A toad or some code - what a difficult choice...
But at least a toad has nice croaking voice!
A toad may be slimy and ugly and yuck!!
But at least it has life - not like some SQL muck!
With code u just write and build and debug,
But if ur succesful, can the code give u a hug???
It really does not matter what u do in IT
Life's all the same - be u a he or a she...
U can write code that equates 3=7
Or be a great Tester 'till u go to heaven
Or fix all the PCs like a good sys admin
And earn a fat salary - and drink wine and gin!
But the fact of the matter - and my point being this
Life in IT - please give it a miss!!
Becoz if ur in IT - u won't have a life...
Although there are guys I see having a wife.
Anyways - like I said - u can think that ur cool,
That u are in IT - but ur an actual fool!
The reason ur here is just for the cash
U will not become Bill Gates and cause a huge splash
All these creative juices - oh please what bullshit!!
One look at code and I have a huge fit.
I'm writing a query - am I being creative?
No not really - what I need is a sedative!!!

It's all for the money and labels and tags
That we IT guys work like old hags.
Marketing, finance are just but a few,
Careers that any body with zing should pursue
At least u'll come home at the end of the day,
Not looking like a zombie with nothing to say
'Cause if ur in IT, u'll just debug and u'll code
It's like walking down a never-ending red road!!
This IT life - so mundane and so gross....
Hell I think that it's time I just gave it a toss!!
I wanna be creative - and not code like a dog,
So here's what I'll do - let me write a new BLOG!!


Me said...

Maza nahin aaya party....

Amit Goel said...

prasanna, why r u painting a wrong picture of IT ? ofcourse, there are hardships in this industry but thats true with everyone

Prasanna said...

No hardship Amit - the only ship that IT is, is the Titanic - a sinking ship!!!

It's my opinion nothing else - whether u agree or not is a different issue. U go write ur blog and highlight the excellent career options in the IT sector!! Best of luck for that blog dude!!

Arunima said...

All I did in college was regurgitate mugged up codes. you make me feel happy that I didnot pursue a career in that field. hail Prasanna!

TheDQ said...

Im glad in a mechie :-D.... no regrets on the decision i made 4 years ago :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome.. a true picture of IT life you present over here. Lovely rhyming I must say! :)))

Narasimha said...

As long as we work for money,, THis fate continues...