Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Dont Dope You Dope

When I was a kid in college people my age did grass and hash and so on and so forth. Kids back then needed to do that shit becoz:
It supposedly made them cool.
It was the in-thing to do before coming to a rock-show.
It was - to them - the ultimate way to appreciate music.

Ya. Right.

Its 2006. I'm 32 years old. I'm single. I'm a full-time yuppie going thru my everyday 9-to5 grind - my parents arent getting any younger, so I juggle my free-time between them, my friends, rock shows and the odd date. (yuss I love women - just for the record) . Life is pretty good for me. No, I'll re-phrase that - life is great!

Rock show. Yes, I still enjoy attending rock shows. I love music. I dont seem to have mellowed with age as far as music is concerned - I kinda have gone into more extreme, more aggressive forms of music. Most of my friends who were into rock music have shifted to classical music or jazz. One pal has even started listening (and appreciating) Cliff Richards these days... ho hum!

Anyway, whatever. The kids these days though have no qualms listening to death metal bands or nu-metal bands or punk bands. Which is why I seem to be interacting these days with college kids (more than 10 years my junior).
But am I complaining tho? HELL NO. What has age got to do with music? If you like it you listen - plain and simple. And if you want to headbang with the 18 year old 1st year student from St. Xaviers, well cool. Go ahead. Whats the big deal? Provided of course your body allows you - I ain't as supple and fit as I was 10 years back, no denying that.

And its all good fun... times have changed but its great to see the music flowing.

And with changing times, you would think that kids nowadays would be more innovative in the things they do... and you would certainly hope that do NOT end up aping the stuff kids were doing during my college days.
But no - no change there - you go to a rock show and you see these kids all high on dope. THey come all doped up before the show. Then they leave in between the show to roll up a quick joint or 2. And of course after the show they are nowhere around - they are busy again somewhere getting busy with their "G".
Its so stupid. And if you ask them why they do it - well the answers havent changed much actually from my college days:
It supposedly made them cool.
It was the in-thing to do before coming to a rock-show.
It was - to them - the ultimate way to appreciate music.

I have never smoked a joint in my life. Never. Never Ever. I dont need aritficial stimulants to get me high during a show - the music is good enough to get me orgasmic, thank you very much. And that includes booze, nicotine, sexy women and of course dope. Whether I booze or like women is a different issue altogether. The fact is I do not have to indulge in them to mke me appreciate a song, or to (as most kids tell me) "FEEL" the music. Its all assinine bull to me. If you really like music you dont need these to get you into some kinda orgasmic stupor.

And some of them are really really good kids - I love them a lot. And they respect me too - I dont know, my age doesnt really bother them. I guess I'm like some kinda older brother to them whom they can both talk to and headbang with.
So obviously it pains me when I see them getting into these mindless head trips. "Oh grass is harmless and Oh grass isnt really a drug"... bull-shit. If it werent a drug then why would you be sent to jail if you lit up publicly? Why would you have to hide in dark corners to roll a joint? Hypocrisy in your face!!

I dont know what this blog is about - am I angry about kids that I like and care about doing dope these days? Maybe.
Or maybe what I am trying to say is that, ahem, I am this real cool dude - and I dont have to roll up joints to increase my manliness or my cool factor. Maybe thass what I'm trying to say here.

Anyway - just enjoy the music is my message. And you dont need to be a cow to do that.

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