Thursday, April 14, 2005


When I grow old (oops!! I already am!),
And can't tell the difference between jelly and jam,
I'll be thinking of geetika and the poem she wrote,
About my sweet eyes - and I'll make a small note -
That whenever I meet her I'll give her a smile,
I'll hold her right hand, and we'll flirt for a while,
And then I'll sit down and take out my ink pen -
I'll fill up a form and smile once again!
Oh aren't I sweet and a swell sorta guy...
Hey Geets, I filled up a form to donate you my eye!!
Left eye or right eye - you take your pick!!

Whatever you choose, it just gives me a kick,
That a pretty lass like you could write me a sonnet,
Oh lord in heaven - there's a bee in my bonnet!!!!

I wrote this nonsensical poem for a lovely and charming friend of mine - Geetika, currently living Baltimore, Maryland (in the big bad country we all know so well!). I kinda returned a favour to her becoz she wrote me this:

in your eyes I have beheld:
the mischief of youth,
the cynicism of age,
held in balance by their humorous light.

in your eyes I have seen:
a subtle fire
a curious kindness
unexpected reflections
of your enigmatic heart.

Thank you Geetika - your the first person to have ever written a poem about/for me!

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