Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 Reasons Why I Love The Star Wars Saga...

1. It makes me feel young again - 100% an unadulaterated fun-filled sci-fi-fantasy saga - all stories should be like this.

2. Han Solo - wish I could be as cool as him (I still have some miles to go!)

3. Light-sabres - the coolest weapons around - wish I had one - even though my Rebaca colleagues think they look like tube-lights.

4. Jedi knights - always had a thing for knights, be they Arthurian ones - or the ones on the chess board. Plus their power to control and manipulate the "FORCE"... awesome!

5. John Williams - and his theme for the film - in fact the theme for all the Star Wars films - I have no words to describe the beauty of these pieces.

6. Yoda - and wasn't he just awesome in the battle sequence in "Attack Of The Clones"?? - plus, he showed how speak English we must - cool Jedi Master he being!

7. Darth Maul - he had by far the best light-saber of them all - and for a villain/Sith Lord who hardky spoke, well lemme just say - he gave Darth Vader a good run for his money in the evil quotient.

8. Darth Vader - how could I leave him out? The best villain in the history of cinema - and what a voice! (courtesy James Earl Jones)

9. Chewbacca - YAWAAAHHWYAAHHAAA - don't ask me to translate that from Wookie speak to English!

10. The satisfaction of seeing everything fall into place - I can't say how absolutely marvellous I found the various plot loop-holes getting tied up in "The Revenge Of The Sith". Now I know why Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Now I know why Padme Amidala died at child-birth. Now I know why Senator Bail Organa adopted Leia and why Luke lived with his uncle and aunt. And why Obi Wan shifted base to Tatooine. And why C-3PO/R2-D2 do not remember a friggin incident about the past. And why there were no more jedis... blah blah blah!

I could list another 100 more points - but this will have to do till now...

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