Wednesday, June 08, 2005

For Mz. Poodle Lahiri!!

Well, as promised - a silly poem for a special woman!! Hope she likes it....

There is this cute woman, as sweet as a poodle,
Chirpy and pretty, and who loves to doodle.
So sit back you all and read her grand story
Of how she has struggled to gain fortune and glory.

She was born in the hills of the north and the east,
Where lived the magical joogoogoojoo beast.
Now, this beast fell in love with our pretty lass
But his heart of stone broke into fragments of glass,
The day she left home and went to the South
And started to stuff idlis into her mouth!

For years did she study 'till she got her degree
For years did she live on just idlis and ghee
For years did she long to be wild and free
But all that went boom when she became a YUPPIE!!

So now our dear poodle is a workaholic
And sketching and shoes are her only tonic!
Sometimes she splurges on hand-bags and clothes
And dreams to go PUNK, and get a ring on her nose!!
She works and she works and goes home late at night,
Too tired to be cooking or to fly a kite.
Too tired to meet friends or handsome young guys,
Too tired to eat pizza or crunchy french fries!
Too tired to go pubbing or even to SNOG!!
She just seems to work or occasionally BLOG!

But along comes the eccentric beast of the hills...
Once high on the booze and the fags and the pills -
He's changing his ways - no time for cheap thrills,
He's working his ass off to pay all his bills!!

From afar (i.e. Kolkata) he sees the girl of his dream,
And he's thinking to woo her with some crazy, cool scheme.
He logs into orkut and starts driving her silly,
Our very own poodle, Miss Ritu Lahiri!!

Who knows what will happen to the joogoogoojoo beast!
Will he find success with his scheme from the east?
Or maybe he'll fly over and live down in the south,
And stuff his fat gut with idlis into his mouth...

Well whatever he does, he is on a mission
To save a sweet poodle from her current position.
He's gonna make sure she don't work off her ass.
He's gonna try hard to save this cute lass.

So this, my friends, is the saga of Ritu
And how she's been tormented by the beast joogoogoojoo
Who knows what will happen at the end of this story...
Will she keep on working for her fortune and glory?
Or will the beast from the east have his own way?
Corrupt and brain-wash her... well, we'll find out SOME DAY!!

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truthdude said...

very very nice pome there mister happy buddha and the head banging beast. really liked it. hope you do more!! :)