Thursday, November 15, 2007

How I broke my glasses @ SPE (at a Cassini's show)

15th April 2007,
Someplace Else
A Cassini's Division show (which other show do you get so much action?)

It was an awesome show - just A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

We had it all - excellent originals, cool renditions of covers, and moments of sheer headbanging madness...

And I also managed to get Nepo up on the speakers with me and we did some serious jumping shit - it almost feels like bunjee jumping.

The best moment of the show - the part where we picked up Nepo and made him BODY-SURF during GLOWWORM - a 1st @ SPE... and this shit only happens @ a Cassini's Division show (good going Aveek, Ayan, Micky and some guy who's name I dont know who pitched a hand during the body-surfing incident - and good going ME ... did I leave anyone's name out here?)

And that is where I broke my glasses - got kicked in the face and pop, they fell on the floor and cracked. Anyway, luckily I cud reach home safely with one eye like a one-eyed samurai jack!

Oh and the screaming was major - courtesy Shaapla - she let loose a sonic boom in my ear as well, I almost went deaf for a second.

And birthday dedications galore - to Nobby, Mumshi (of the supersonics) and mister salsa Hitesh who's back in town... Kryptonite for him!

The crowd went wild - the momentum picked up slowly but surely here... its days like these that make me proud to be a hard-core Cassini's Division fan... no other band in Kolkata can turn a crowd of music lovers into a crazy bunch of maniacs!

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