Thursday, November 15, 2007

Them Clones galore...

I'm currently sifting through a backlog of music reviews that I should have published on my blog ages ago...

Anyway, some stuff I wrote after 2 Them Clones gigs -

The Date: The 16th of April, 2007
The Venue: Someplace Else

Well truth be told Them Clones were disappointed with the turn-out - and most of the ppl who turned up I guess werent expecting such an assault on their ears. Uninformed people I should add. People who had probably come strolling in for their staple diet of pink floyd!

They should have been fore-warned - 2 years back when THEM CLONES last played @ SPE, they decimated the place... it was a full bodied full frontal assault. And I still consider that performance to be the best ever show I've seen @ SOMEPLACE ELSE. It was mind-fucking brilliant.

But anyway yday most of the crowd were busy being wussies behind. Good for them - if they had come up front we'd have crushed them during the final fucking mosh during LIMP BIZKIT's "TAKE A LOOK AROUND" - ya we had a mosh pit yday and it felt freaking awesome. I even roughed up some stupid asshole who kept on shouting for Judas Priest... scared the shit outta him, pushing him square across the room.

Yday's show was good but it was the most tame and mellow Them Clones set I've ever heard - they played too many non-noize songs, but with the kinda crowd that turned up I guess there wasnt anythng else for them to do.

They did play stuff from their usual set list like "Sindrome", "My Life", "Zephyretta", "Ignite And Walk Away", "The Bomb Song" (my favourite TC song) - and the usual list of covers like U2's "Vertigo" and "(Pride) In The Name Of Love", Coldplay's "Yellow", RATM's "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" and "Killing In The Name Of" (which sparked off a headbanging frenzy)... and other originals too like "Awaken", "Find My Way", "In The Name Of God"...
oh and how could I forget the Disturbed cover "Stupify"? That was excellent fun headbanging to.

Anyway, great gig, I headbanged like mad and jumped like crazy - and me and Abhishek "The Snake" Majumdar and the Hoof gang moshed around (no I didnt break my glasses this time) - the moshing was pretty violent, but we took full advantage of the free entry - no security situation @ SPE ... so much so that you could see lines of worry and concern on the faces of the SPE staff

sorry Gautam :))

The Date: The 4th of August 2007
The Venue: Someplace Else
The Event: Pub Rock Fest 2007 - Day 2

1. The Supersonics kicked big ass last night. My love for this band increases 100 fold after each show of there's I watch. Their originals are some of the best in the rock circuit. Ya i know - lotsa ppl dont like them becoz they play a genre which is neither CLASSIC ROCK nor out-right HEAVY... bu they still manage to carry their stuff off with aplomb despite this fact. Very commendable - I have nothing but total respect for these guys doing what they do in Kolkata's sick music environment.

2. Mumshi as usual tore a string - which is something very normal during a Supersonics show. In fact he tore 2 strings - one each on both his usual and back-up guitar! Thats a record for him for sure.

3. But where Mumshi goes, Rohan is sure to follow... and so he kept him company by tearing 2 strings as well!

4. The crowd had however mainly come for Them Clones - it was packed to the brim. And for once I wish there could have been entry charges. The crowd was 50% @ SPE for the music and 50% were fuckin posers. Had to pick a few fights just to keep hold of our positions (front row)

5. Them Clones - what can I say? I love this band. I have never missed a show of their's in Kolkata. And I wasnt abt to miss this one. The show? It was a loud, pumped-up, full of energy show and the crowd went wild. Luckily there wasnt any moshing for once, but the headbanging was non-stop. It was a pre-dominantly originals set-list with songs like "Ignite And Walk Away", "Find My Way", "Zephyretta", "Sindrome", "My Life", "Follow The Prophet", "Awaken", "In The Name Of God", "Push", "Round", "Zoopertrip", "Wait For Me" and the ever excellent "THE BOMB SONG".

6. Ya they played a few covers too - U2, Coldplay, Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam.

7. This was maybe their best show in Kolkata out of the 5 they've played here. And if u missed it my condolences - more than likely u missed it becoz u cudnt enter due to the 100s of shitty ass-hole pseudo music lovers who were taking up unnecessary space inside.

Great night!

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